Labour Market Integration

We apply an industry-driven and worker-centered approach to build labour market integrations solutions that reduce barriers to employment for diverse workforces, including immigrants, youth, women, and Aboriginal people.

Labour Market Integration Programs

We work with government, associations, public and private enterprises to develop and execute labour market integration programs focused on enhancing workers’ skills and employability. The programs respond to labour needs and lead to increased labour market participation for specific workforce populations in a specific sector of economy.

If you need to attract a multi-generational workforce or increase women’s participation in non-traditional jobs, address key factors for attracting immigrant workforces or determine the best approach for transitioning students from school to work, we can help.

Industry Consultations

Effective workforce and labour market strategies reflect business needs and benefit current and future employees. They are designed and developed in response to information obtained through engaging with industry stakeholders.

We can help you with industry consultations on various topics. Here are just some examples: industry training needs analysis, trades training strategies, assessment tools and practices, immigrant integration, foreign credentials and experience, youth engagement, attraction and retention of Aboriginal workforces.

If you are looking for industry consultations in other fields, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Foreign Experience and Skills Recognition

While skilled immigrants is a growing workforce resource across Canada, many employers need direction in connecting with internationally trained talent and specific tools for tapping into this resource effectively.

We can help evaluate foreign experiences and skills and provide you with the tools to attract, hire and retain internationally trained professionals in a broad range of occupations, including trades, technology, engineering, finance or health care.

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