Workforce Development and Assessment

Our goal is to help build a globally competitive workforce and ensure that employers have the talent they need to compete, and people have the skills they require to get good jobs and advance in their careers.

Human Resources Strategies

We build robust yet flexible strategies, plans and methodologies that help organizations attract, retain and grow skilled and adaptable workforces. We design and develop industry solutions that help our diverse workforces succeed in the workplace.

Whether it is youth attraction, women in non-traditional occupations retention, Aboriginal trades training or immigrant hiring strategy, we will work with you to design and execute solutions that create positive impact and change.

Training and Development

We work with industry and training institutions to design and implement new training approaches and programs that align different learning styles, advanced technology and labour market volatility.

We help introduce and implement new training delivery models that reflect the needs of diverse learners, using technology and fostering knowledge exchange.

Trades Training

We strongly support the Canadian apprenticeship learning model and appreciate working with multiple apprenticeship stakeholders on improving it even further. We worked extensively in the trades training industry over the last decade to deliver industry training needs analysis, assessment methodologies, apprenticeship consultations, Aboriginal trades training, and women in trades training among others.

In apprenticeship, practical learning, mentorship and knowledge transfer are the three main pillars. We can help you strengthen them and improve apprenticeship enrolment and completion rates for your business and industry.

Assessment Tools

It’s all about which tool to use. Well-designed assessment tools help evaluate competence, make effective hiring decisions, and improve performance. The use of assessment tools provides valuable returns such as hiring top performers, reducing risks associated with ‘bad’ hires, decreasing turnover, and increasing productivity. Assessment tools help set up a standard for competence and quality work.

We can help design, develop and implement paper based, online, practical and other methods of assessment specific to the needs of your organization or industry. With the right tool you can grow the right talent.

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