Labour Market Development

We work with labour market stakeholders to build employability programs and tools.

Program Development

We work with industry, labour, government, and non-for-profit organizations to develop programs and proposals focused on improving skills, increasing labour market participation, and enhancing employers’ capacities to engage and grow diverse talent.

If you need to attract a multi-generational workforce or increase Indigenous People’s participation in local jobs, address key factors for attracting immigrant workforces or determine the best approach for transitioning apprentices and graduates from school to work, we can help.

We will assess your needs and priorities and work with your team through all stages of program and proposal development.

Industry Consultations

We have experience conducting effective industry consultations, and usually engage a team of qualified associates to help design open or targeted consultation processes.

Here are some topics we worked on : industry training strategies, innovative apprenticeship models, practical assessment and certification for skilled trades, immigrant economic integration, youth engagement and hiring, school-to-work transition, attraction and retention of Indigenous talent, women in non-traditional occupations.

If you’re looking for industry consultations in these or other fields, please let us know.

Tools and Resources

We develop career tools and resources to educate your future workforces on current and emerging careers within your industry. Our tools support skills development, facilitate skills transferability and workforce mobility across organizations and jurisdictions. We use industry insights and standards to craft career content that translates skill gaps and talent needs into action oriented career guides, assessment toolkits and employment readiness checklists.

We work closely with subject matter experts to make sure our content reflects the current state of the industry.

More Information

To learn more about Labour Market Development Services, contact Career Mobility today

T: 604-808-0431

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